ANA Snapshot

November 6, 2020

ANA Begins Operating Commercial Flights from Japan
Using Sustainable Aviation Fuel

  • ・All Nippon Airways (ANA) begins operating commercial flights from Japan using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) procured from Neste, the world's leading producer of renewable fuel sources. After October 24, select flights departing from Haneda and Narita airport will be powered by SAF.
  • ・On November 6, a send-off was held at Haneda airport for a SAF-fueled flight bound for Houston, Texas. While ANA becomes the first airline to use SAF on flights departing from Japan, the initiative will represent Finland-based Neste's first supply to an Asian airline.
  • ・The SAF from Neste is made from sustainably sourced, renewable waste and residue raw materials. As with regular fuel, the SAF is tested on 10 items including flammability and density and after clearing the quality checks, the airplane is fueled with the SAF.
  • ・ANA and Neste have entered into a groundbreaking partnership on a multi-year agreement for the delivery of SAF. Through utilizing SAF and reducing carbon emission levels, ANA will promote initiatives to pursue our ESG-related goals.