ANA Group Unites its Wide-ranging ESG Initiatives
Under "ANA Future Promise"

  • • The new slogan will encompass ANA Group's various activities across environmental, social responsibility and governance areas
  • • Airline will utilize the slogan to raise awareness and promote ESG initiatives

TOKYO, June 17, 2021 - ANA HOLDINGS INC. (hereinafter "ANA HD") is showcasing its commitment to corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability goals. As a responsible corporate citizen, the ANA Group has a history of engaging in programs designed to drive social good, and ANA Future Promise unites all of these successful Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives under a forward-looking slogan. Furthermore, in response to changes in demand for air travel and changes in lifestyles and interests, ANA will enhance its focus on ESG, hygiene and cleanliness, and universal values in offering products and services.

ANA has won recognition for its commitment to sustainability, becoming the only company in the aviation industry to receive Gold Class distinction from the 2021 S&P Global Sustainability Awards. In addition, ANA HD has been selected as a member of the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability World Index list for four consecutive years and the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index list for five consecutive years.

"ANA Group's mission is to provide societal benefits in the communities where we operate with our initiatives and to serve as a role model for other companies," said Chikako Miyata, Senior Vice President and Director of Corporate Sustainability at ANA HD. "Our track record of success in the adoption and implementation of ESG initiatives will continue to inform our strategic direction as we build on our legacy of leadership in this vital area. With its ability to improve convenience for passengers, boost brand value and drive social good, ANA Future Promise represents the best aspects of ANA's business model."

The ANA Future Promise initiative began as a way to emphasize that sustainability and social good have always been at the center of the airline's mission. The initiative will improve the overall consumer experience while also placing ANA Group in a position to achieve the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals that the airline has long been committed to. By uniting a range of programs under a single banner, ANA Group employees will be empowered as they work together to achieve the 2030 and 2050 sustainability benchmarks.

The following programs are examples of ANA Group's ESG initiatives:

  • ・Reduction of CO2 emissions from aircraft operations (Environment)
  • - Actively utilize fuel-efficient equipment such as the Boeing 787 and engage in environmentally-friendly operations at every stage of aircraft operations, including the selection of fuel-efficient flight routes, ascent/descent methods, reducing the weight of the airframe and onboard equipment, stopping one engine when on the ground, and improving combustion efficiency through regular engine cleaning.
  • - The use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is central to CO2 emission reduction, and ANA is committed to investing in the development of a viable SAF supply chain to facilitate the expanded use of SAF. In 2019, ANA reached an agreement with LanzaTech for the future purchase of SAF and in 2020 signed a MOU with NESTE to create a medium to long-term strategic alliance. From July 2021, SAF procured from NESTE will be used for flights departing from Haneda and Narita. ANA has also supported initiatives by companies such as Euglena Co., Ltd. to produce SAF since 2011 (ANA will also utilize emissions trading systems where appropriate).
  • - ANA issued Green Bonds in FY2018 and Social Bonds in FY2019. This fiscal year, ANA issued Sustainability Linked Bonds that are tied to ambitious Sustainability Performance Targets (SPTs) that reflect ANA's efforts to address key ESG issues.
  • - ANA is the first airline in Japan to switch from plastic to plant-derived bagasse material for in-flight meal containers on international economy class flights. The adoption of these trays will reduce the amount of disposable plastic used by approximately 30%, or approximately 317 tons per year.
  • - Every June, ANA accepts mileage donations from ANA Mileage Club members to support coral reef conservation activities in Onna, Okinawa.
  • - ANA implemented a protocol for its flight attendants to help prevent suspected human trafficking. Furthermore, ANA actively conducts educational activities such as seminars on the prevention of human trafficking with the full cooperation of organizations including the Japanese government and UN agencies.
  • - Operating under the slogan "Delightful, kind-hearted & comfortable skies for everybody", ANA promotes "universal services" that enable all passengers to use airports and airplanes.
  • - In response to COVID-19, ANA launched ANA Care Promise, a comprehensive campaign to improve hygiene and eliminate potential vectors of virus transmission. These efforts resulted in ANA becoming the first Asian airline to receive the world's highest "5 Star" rating for hygiene and cleanliness from SKYTRAX.
  • - ANA Group will collaborate with organizations such as firms, NGO/NPO, and local governments to deliver comprehensive solutions to extensive regions in the area of mobility, logistics, and digitization by utilizing the diverse assets of the ANA Group.
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About ANA
Founded in 1952 with just two helicopters, All Nippon Airways (ANA) has grown to become the largest airline in Japan. ANA HOLDINGS Inc. (ANA HD) was established in 2013 as the largest airline group holding company in Japan, comprising 71 companies including ANA and Peach Aviation, the leading LCC in Japan.

ANA is a launch customer and the largest operator of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, making ANA HD the biggest Dreamliner owner in the world. A member of Star Alliance since 1999, ANA has joint venture agreements with United Airlines, Lufthansa German Airlines, Swiss International Airlines, Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines - giving it a truly global presence.

The airline's legacy of superior service has helped it earn SKYTRAX's respected 5-Star rating every year since 2013, with ANA being the only Japanese airline to win this prestigious designation for eight consecutive years. ANA also has been recognized by Air Transport World as "Airline of the Year" three times (2007, 2013 and 2018); it is one of only a select few airlines to win this prominent award multiple times.

ANA is the only company in the aviation industry to receive the Gold Class distinction from the 2021 S&P Global Sustainability Awards and ANA HD has been selected as a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index list for the fourth consecutive year and the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index list for the fifth consecutive year.

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