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“Nature, food, and history are the three key words of New Chitose.

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This is Koyama from ANA Akindo Sapporo Branch.

Photo right (Sapporo Branch Manager Tabe is on the left and Ebina is in the middle)

In this issue, we will provide you with topical information from the Shiribeshi area, the district for which the Sapporo Branch is in charge, focusing on three keywords: nature, food, and history!

First, let’s start with the location of the places we will introduce here.

From the nearest airport, New Chitose Airport, it takes about 75 minutes to Otaru City by car or train. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to Yoichi by car, about 2 hours to Shakotan, and about 2 hours and 30 minutes to Rangetsu. While traveling to the destination, you can enjoy the changing scenery of Hokkaido’s unique natural beauty.


Hokkaido has a variety of magnificent natural scenery and beautiful view spots. However, the “nature” in the Goshi area that I recommend is the Shakotan Blue Sea!

 Shakotan Town, located on the Shakotan Peninsula, is famous for its vivid sea called Shakotan blue. In addition, many people visit every year for sea urchin bowls made with sea urchin caught there. I too am a big fan of Shakotan’s “Uni-don”, a bowl of rice topped with sea urchin so large that the sea urchin spills out of the bowl.

The view from the famous Cape Kamui is truly spectacular. The sunset from the open-air bath at “Cape-no-Yu Shakotan,” located on a hill, is also spectacular. At the distillery next to the hot spring, “craft gin,” which has recently become a hot topic, is being produced. Please try the gin made from Shakotan plants as an after-bath drink.

◆Attraction #2

 Speaking of “food”, Yoichi wine and Rankoshi rice

 Yoichi Town, which has long been active in the cultivation of apples and grapes, is also famous for its whisky distilleries, and has recently become increasingly popular as a wine town. Nowadays, some of the wines produced in Yoichi are highly acclaimed around the world, and Yoichi’s wines are attracting more and more attention in the future. Please find your favorite wine!


  In addition, in the town of Rankoshi, located next to Niseko, the “Rankoshi rice” produced in the town is so delicious that in 2022 it was selected for in-flight meals on ANA’s international first-class flights. The moistness, sticky texture, and sweetness of the rice have earned it a great reputation.

  The wine and rancoshi rice introduced above are available as ANA’s hometown tax return gift, so please check them out as well! (ANA’s hometown tax return website: Yoichi Town and Rangoshi Town)

◆Attraction #3

Speaking of “history,” it has been 100 years since the Otaru Canal was completed this year.


Otaru is famous for the Otaru Canal. The Otaru Canal was completed in 1923. As time went by, the canal’s original role as a logistics hub came to an end, but through a citizens’ movement to preserve the canal, it took on its current form and now attracts many tourists from Japan and abroad.

 The year 2023 marks the 100th anniversary of the completion of the Otaru Canal. Various events are planned in the local community to commemorate the 100th anniversary, which is sure to bring even more excitement to the area.

 My recommendation is a nighttime canal cruise! Looking at the moody warehouse district lit up from the boat is like stepping back in time. Enjoy the Otaru Canal at night and let the boat flow as if you were in a scene from a movie.

 The day will end with fresh sushi from Otaru! Enjoy seasonal sushi to your heart’s content with a glass of delicious sake or wine while reminiscing about the many sightseeing spots you have visited in the Goshi region.

Why don’t you fly ANA and discover the new charms of Hokkaido?

We look forward to seeing you there!