-Japan travel by ANA-Recommended ways to spend time on Gogojima, Matsuyama, Ehime

Let’s travel to Japan!
Tomoyuki Okano from the ANA Akindo Matsuyama Branch’s “Matsuyama Tourism & Culture Concierge☆彡” will introduce you!
This time, we would like to introduce you to information on leisurely cycling on Gogo Island, one of the Tsukuna Islands off the coast of Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture.

Do you all know about Gogoshima?

The island you can see from the left window just before landing at Matsuyama Airport (RWY14) is Gogoshima!

You can see Gogoshima from the left plane window just before landing, and the excitement begins from the sky!

To get to Gogoshima, take the Iyotetsu train from Matsuyama City to Takahama Port for 21 minutes, then take the ferry for about 10 minutes and you’ll be there in no time.

In addition to Gogoshima, we also recommend sightseeing in remote island, which includes nine inhabited islands in the tsukuna Islands that can be reached by ferry!

When the ferry arrives at Yura Port and you step onto the island, Cotton John Coffee will be right in front of you, welcoming you!

We recommend taking out our home-roasted, sweet and soft coffee to enjoy on the ferry home!

There are a wide variety of rental bicycles on Gogoshima, and cycling along the blue sky and beautiful coastline will leave you feeling refreshed!

If you ride a bicycle from the Yura Bay side, passing by Gogoshima Elementary and Junior High School, and heading west, you will see the white sandy beach and shallow waters of Washigasu Beach.

Return to your childhood and enjoy playing in the water as an adult!

Going downhill while looking at the Matsuyama port on the other side of the sea from Washigasu Beach feels great!

If you’re tired, take a breather with “Gogoshima Mikan Juice,” and if you’re hungry, you’ll be very satisfied with “Shimaudon” topped with tempura of hijiki caught on the island!

Gogonyan Farm is a cafe directly managed by a orange farmer.

This is a cafe you’ll want to stop by to take a break while cycling!

Recharge your energy with Gogoshima orange juice and homemade sweets and enjoy Gogoshima!

“Shimaudon” is only available on Gogoshima. The owner of the shop is Gogoshima Co., Ltd., a ferry company.

Hijiki tempura from the island, fresh wakame seaweed, and perilla leaves combine with the gentle udon soup to bring out the flavor and make for a satisfying bowl.It’s best served cold in the summer! Please give it a try!

The photo was taken on a rainy day, but the light inside the bar is pleasant, and the slowly flowing BGM, Japanese and Western space, and craft beer are soothing. Please enjoy beer after cycling.

“Yura Minpaku Shima Inn” is a renovated old private house that combines Japanese and Western styles without feeling out of place on the island.

Looking out at the houses on the island and the sea from the open large windows on the verandah, you can feel the time passing slowly and be healed by just being absent-minded and not thinking about anything.

Why don’t you come and relax on Gogojima Island, where you can enjoy the leisurely “Island time”?

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