-Japan Travel by ANA- This is what “food” in Ehime is all about! Matsuyama Tourism & Culture Concierge will introduce you to the must-visit “hotels and places of beauty” in Matsuyama!

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Tomoyuki Okano (Photo right) and Sayuri Kurokawa (Photo left) from the ANA Akindo Matsuyama Branch’s “Matsuyama Tourism & Culture Concierge☆彡” will introduce you!

Ehime Prefecture boasts the Shimanami Kaido. You can enjoy cycling to Hiroshima (Onomichi) while enjoying the views and beauty of the islands from many bridges, including the Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge, the world’s first triple suspension bridge.
The biennial cycling event “Cycling Shimanami 2022” was held in October 2022 for the first time in four years as the only FUN RIDE event in Japan where you can run on a highway.

Ehime’s specialty dishes are…

One of Ehime’s popular dishes is Imabari’s soul food, “roasted pork and egg rice”. 
It is an improved version of makanai-meshi (a meal provided to staff in a restaurant), and became famous when it was put on the menu!
If you put grilled pork on top of rice, sprinkle it with a sweet sauce, and mix it with a soft-boiled egg, it becomes Japan’s best B-class gourmet!

And the most representative dish of Ehime is “tai meshi” (sea bream rice).

In the Chuyo area, sea bream is cooked in a pot to make tai meshi, while in the Nanyo area, fillets of sea bream are marinated in dashi stock and placed on top of hot rice.
You can enjoy Ehime’s sea bream in different ways, whether you like takikomi gohan (cooked with rice) or sashimi (sliced raw fish).
Even people in Ehime have different opinions on which one they prefer. Which one do you think is more delicious? Please come to Ehime to taste and compare them. Both are delicious and you will definitely have a hard time deciding which is better.

Popular hotels in Ehime are…..

Imabari Kokusai Hotel is a landmark hotel in Imabari.
The luxury of the lobby and the view from the rooms on the upper floors are the best in Imabari!

ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Matsuyama is located in the center of Matsuyama.
It is in a great location near the Dogo Onsen area.
There is a “Sky Lounge” on the top floor, it is a perfect spot to view “Bansuiso”.
Ehime’s travel starts from here, whether for sightseeing and business.

We look forward to seeing you in Ehime!

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