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Local CA introduces the charms of Tottori !

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Hello. My name is Makiko Ugajin, I am an ANA cabin attendant. (Photo left)

I moved to Tottori in March 2022. While continuing to fly as a cabin attendant, I have been working
part-time at a local TV station as an anchor for an evening news program that features local
attractions. I contribute to an online magazine as well, reporting on tourist attractions, food, and
people in the Sanin region.

Today, I will introduce what’s great about Tottori Prefecture!

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of each season and local foods!

The city center, sightseeing spots, ocean, and mountains are all compactly located around Tottori Conan Airport and Yonago Kitaro Airport, making it easy for visitors to go out even if they arrive by air!

The city center, sightseeing spots, ocean, and mountains are all compactly located around Tottori Conan Airport and Yonago Kitaro Airport, making it easy for those who arrive in Tottori by plane to go out and enjoy them!

Tottori Prefecture’s Iwami, which is famous as the setting of a popular anime series, boasts beautiful crystal-clear waters 25 meters deep!

The ocean in Iwami

The seafood from this beautiful Sea of Japan is exquisite.
One bite of “white squid” is so sweet that it will amaze you, and “Matsuba crab,” which is the largest catch in Japan, is not to be missed!
For something a little different, try “Babachan.
It is a deep-sea fish with a little scary appearance that can be caught together with Matsuba crab fishing. It is served in a pot with bonito and kelp broth is full of collagen and has a tender, cod-like flavor.

Babachan Hot Pot

We also recommend the B-Grade gourmet “Horusoba”! This Horumon-soba is made with plump hormones and medium-thick noodles. The taste varies depending on the restaurant, such as miso sauce-based, salt-based, soy sauce-based, etc. This is the best way to finish your meal in Tottori!



Tottori is actually a hot spring prefecture!
Did you know that Tottori has many famous hot springs?

In the western part, there are silky hot springs derived from seawater, in the central part there are rare hot springs, and in the eastern part, there is a rare place in front of Tottori Station where a hot spring boils in the city center.

It is also attractive to tour around the hot springs while enjoying the different qualities of the springs and bathing methods!

“Mingei” (folk art) is hot!

Tottori Prefecture is scattered with a large number of kilns.

The warmth of the human touch can be felt in each of the handmade pieces of pottery.
These dishes, which blend in with daily life without being overbearing, are the kind of dishes that you will value and feel attached to no matter how many years pass.

Each kiln has its own individuality in color, shape, texture, etc., and it is fun to find your own favorites.

Nakai Pottery Experience
Pottery called “牛ノ戸焼き Ushinoto yaki”
Pottery called “因久山焼 Inkyuyama yaki”

Stars shining in the night sky.
One of the reasons I decided to move here was because I was attracted by the word “Hoshitori Prefecture,” but you can really see the starry sky even from residential areas. One of my favorite places to go is to visit the dunes at night!
In fact, since the population is the smallest in Japan… in a good way, it is not very crowded everywhere you go.
The ocean, the mountains, and other places where there is plenty of space for each and every one of you, so no matter where you go, you have a special seat! The majestic flow of clouds and the setting sun are impressive!

Sunrise from Mount Daisen
Santokuzan (Mt.)
Reporter at Chigashimachi High Color Market Volunteer

I hope you have been able to feel the attractiveness of Tottori Prefecture.
In addition to its sightseeing spots, foodies, and natural beauty, I feel every day that Tottori is a prefecture where people are truly kind and full of hospitality.

Why don’t you come and fly with ANA and enjoy the magnificent flow of clouds, the setting sun, and the shining starry sky all to yourself?
We look forward to seeing you in Tottori Prefecture, a place you will love once you come!

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