Consistency in Service:
ANA's 11 Consecutive Years of 5-Star Excellence Discover what sets ANA apart as the sole Japanese airline to maintain
the SKYTRAX prestigious 5-star rating for over a decade

2024 / 04 / 12

For 11 consecutive years, ANA has earned the prestigious 5-Star Airline Rating from SKYTRAX, establishing itself among the elite group of ten global airlines holding this distinction. Notably, ANA stands as the sole Japanese airline to uphold this esteemed rating for over a decade.

The "World Airline Star Ratings," released annually by SKYTRAX, an international air transport rating organization, are awarded through a series of rigorous audits analyzing an airline's in-flight and airport service quality. Through this evaluation process, SKYTRAX recognized ANA for its consistent high standards of service and unwavering commitment to providing the ultimate passenger experience.

What does it take to earn the prestigious 5-star rating for 11 consecutive years? We went behind the scenes with ANA team members to discover what drives their commitment to go beyond exceptional service.

Expanding In-Flight Entertainment

In October 2023, ANA expanded its array of in-flight entertainment options in response to growing international passenger demands. Chihiro Endo, leading the cabin products and services team, provided insights into the expansion of in-flight entertainment to a global audience.

With a strong desire for Hollywood blockbusters and international dramas from passengers around the world, ANA continually introduces new content to the in-flight entertainment lineup. In fact, ANA is one of three airlines in Asia to offer new releases from HBO Max.

“We have also increased local language content with a particular focus on movies from India, South Korea, China, France and Germany,” said Endo.

In addition to the new entertainment options, the latest aircraft in ANA's fleet are equipped with the latest technology for passengers, including large 4K monitors in selected cabins.

“Our newest aircraft incorporates seasonal themes, such as the cherry blossoms of spring, using diverse background images within the cabin,” said Endo. “This immersive experience instantly transports passengers to Japan from the moment they step on board.”

Commitment to Safety and Hospitality

We spoke to Nagako Hashimoto, manager of the cabin attendant training planning team and Mariko Nishi, manager of the safety education team overseeing ANA's safety and service standards.

A defining characteristic of ANA is its commitment to “omotenashi” or hospitality, exhibited by all employees. As a part of their training, every ANA flight attendant undergoes an “omotenashi” course at a traditional Japanese tea house.

“By experiencing Japanese hospitality in a traditional setting, we want to provide passengers all over the world with a journey unique to Japan and ANA,” said Hashimoto.

In addition to providing a stellar experience through hospitality, ANA's commitment to safety is bolstered through unique training courses and opportunities for team growth. The annual “Master of Announcements Contest” hones participants' skills by practicing boarding, arrival and on-the-spot announcements.

“This opportunity not only improves the announcement skills of our flight attendants in providing timely and accurate information but raises team motivation overall,” Nishi said.

Through specialty training and team growth incentives, ANA's commitment to safety and hospitality is evident across all areas of a passenger's in-flight experience.

SKYTRAX 5-Star: Consistency in Service

To learn more about what defines ANA as a SKYTRAX 5-Star Airline, we sat down with Hidetoshi Horinouchi from the customer experience management promotions team, who is responsible for analyzing information to formulate an overall customer experience strategy.

In SKYTRAX's announcement, ANA receives praise for consistently delivering a high standard of service to passengers. Horinouchi explains that his team defines the term “consistent” as the “refined experience that one can expect across all ANA services.”

This consistency is evident at all touchpoints, spanning from the airport to the in-flight experience. To emphasize their dedication to excellence, Horinouchi's team has coined the phrase “Embark on a 5-Star Flight: Ground to Sky Excellence.”

“We believe that it is important to fully understand these rigorous evaluations and listen to the perspectives of both customers and professionals,” Horinouchi said.

Aiming for the Future

With the goal of winning the SKYTRAX “Best Inflight Entertainment” Award, Endo's team constantly strives to elevate the passenger experience through diversifying in-flight entertainment options.

For Nishi, Hashimoto and their teams, they're looking forward to implementing feedback from customers around the world and continuing to improve their safety training and service education programs.

Horinouchi's team is always looking to create new experiences for passengers through digitalization and services defined with a human touch.

“As ANA Group, we take pride in the warm, friendly service that is the product of many years of training and dedication from our employees,” said Horinouchi.

Every team at ANA Group plays a vital role in making ANA a 5-Star Airline and we continue to strive for excellence with every flight.

*Images are from the 2023 SKYTRAX World Airline Awards