Tiny Treasures: ANA's Culinary Capsule Collection ANA's ‘Economy Class Meal Figure Collections’ Bring
Miniature Delights to Capsule Toy Fans

2024 / 02 / 22

Capsule toys have emerged as a must-do activity for all ages, including tourists visiting Japan. Popular among collectors for their high quality and reasonable pricing, most capsule toys range between 300 yen to 500 yen and have a wide range of products.

ANA first introduced capsule toys known as the ‘ANA Economy Class In-Flight Meal Figure Collections’, spanning two series, in December 2023, and launched its second series in January 2024.

Sold at capsule toy machines in over 150 locations throughout Japan, these miniatures are highly sought-after by ANA fans and capsule toy collectors alike.

Miniature Meals: ANA's Capsule Toy

Shun Nakatani from ANA's Products and Services Planning team

The ‘ANA Economy Class Meal Figure Collections’ features ten miniature toys of ANA's most popular economy class meals. Approximately 4 cm (1.6 inches) in size, each figure is almost four times smaller than its in-flight counterpart.

Shun Nakatani from ANA's Products and Services Planning team, who developed these miniatures, shared what sets this exclusive figurine collection apart.

Can you guess which one is real?

“To achieve realism and uniqueness, we underwent multiple rounds of sampling to ensure the details and shading were as accurate as possible,” Nakatani said.

From various textures and colors of each component, down to a pair of miniature chopsticks with each figurine, ANA's capsule toys are comprised of intricate details deceiving even the keenest eyes.

Dining in the Sky and Beyond

Over the years,ANA has offered over 50 varieties of in-flight meals on international economy class flights, with options tailored to each route. The ten replicas were selected to showcase the diverse range of in-flight dining options ANA offers.

Economy class meals are characterized by distinctive serving containers and the miniature figures capture this charm, with the goal of elevating the perception of economy class meals.

“In the past, airplane meals could only be enjoyed in-flight. With these miniatures, we hope people can experience a new avenue of ANA and in-flight dining,” said Nakatani.

Beyond the flight and miniature world, ANA's in-flight catering can be enjoyed from the comfort of home, with meals available for purchase domestically within Japan through ANA's online shop A-Style (website available only in Japanese).

What's Coming Next

“We gained valuable insights into the capsule toy market from this venture. Creating something unique and unimaginable is what collectors seek,” Nakatani said.

Building on the success from the initial two capsule toy series, the team is already considering the possibility for a future series. For Nakatani, the sky's the limit when it comes to inspiration for future designs.

On your next Japan adventure, test your luck and get a taste of the skies with the ‘ANA Economy Class In-Flight Meal Figure Collections’!