ANA Group’s Annual DEI Forum
Empowers Employees and Inspires Action Employees “Walk the Walk” and take initiatives to the next level
with diverse contributions

2024 / 01 / 26
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Last month, ANA Group hosted its 9th annual DEI Forum in Tokyo and its theme, “Walk the Walk” encouraged employees to take their DEI initiatives to the next level.

As a part of ANA Group’s ongoing DEI efforts, this initiative extended beyond the forum to include “DEI Month,” a series of events and activities that featured numerous programs covering topics such as work-life balance, disability employment, LGBTQ+ inclusion and more. The introduction of “Taste of Diversity” during the month provided a fun opportunity to unite colleagues from diverse backgrounds within the ANA Group through global cuisines.

Koji Shibata, President and CEO of ANA Holdings

In his opening speech, President and CEO of ANA Holdings, Koji Shibata, underscored the importance of recognizing and respecting diversity on a global scale.

“The combined efforts of ANA Group employees play a crucial role in shaping a workplace where individuals can truly thrive,” said Shibata.

Leveraging Diversity in Management

Tamotsu Hiiro, president and CEO of McDonald’s Holdings Company (Japan), joined Shinichi Inoue, president and CEO of ANA, to explore diversity topics in corporate management.

Drawing from his experience working abroad, Hiiro highlighted the resilience of organizations that embrace diversity. He emphasized the pivotal role leadership plays in cultivating talent, building trust and championing bottom-up initiatives.

Shinichi Inoue, CEO of ANA, left and Tamotsu Hiiro, CEO of McDonald's Holdings Company (Japan), right

“Diverse experiences bring various perspectives and solutions, making organizations resilient in unexpected situations,” said Hiiro.

The conversation also touched on initiatives promoting women's participation, parental leave policies and diverse working arrangements which allowed for active engagement by ANA Group employees.

Employee-generated Ideas: Waku Waku Business Strategy Meeting

Maintenance Center Future Creation Team

ANA Group employees presented their “Actions for ANA Group’s Growth Beyond 2030” as a part of the “Waku Waku Business Strategy Meeting”, meant to engage employees in presenting to board members. Teams of various backgrounds and locations shared employee-generated strategies, outlining their visions for the future.

Some of these ideas included:

Kuala Lumpur Branch Team

1. Maintenance Center Future Creation Team: ‘Boosting Incentives in the New Business Proposal System’

2. Kuala Lumpur Branch Team: ‘ANA for Life: Bring Joy Throughout the Life of Our Customers’

3. Shonai Airport Team: ‘Breaking Company Barriers to Shape the Future of the Airport - Mechanisms and an Online Hub for Collaboration’

Shonai Airport Team

“Continue bringing forward your ideas with confidence, and let’s keep exchanging ideas. Together, we can shape a future that reflects our shared values and aspirations,” said Koji Shibata, president and CEO of ANA Holdings.

This meeting not only showcased innovative ideas, but also linked the importance of employee-initiated strategies.

Creating a Path for the Future

Shinya Katanozaka, Chairman of the Board of Directors at ANA Holdings

To close the forum, Shinya Katanozaka, chairman of the board of directors at ANA Holdings, underscored the need for continued multilingual communications among global colleagues and customers, emphasizing actions from every ANA Group employee.

The event’s emphasis on diversity in the workplace and innovative ideas, highlighted the importance of each employee’s actions in defining a pathway for the future of the ANA Group.