ANA Windsurfing World Cup Yokosuka-Miura Competition 2023 was held!
~Realizing sustainable competitions through T-shirt recycling~

2023 / 12 / 08

The ANA Windsurfing World Cup Yokosuka-Miura 2023 (WWC2023) was held from November 10th (Friday) to 14th (Tuesday)2023. Now in its 5th year since it was launched in 2017 at the initiative of an ANA employee, the wind was favorable enough to allow 6 races to be held for the first time in the event's history for both the men's and women's competitions. The competition was intense every day, Amado Vrieswijk (Netherlands) won the men’s competition and Lina Erzen (Slovenia) took the title of the women's competition. A total of 32,000 spectators gathered over the 5 days of the competition, and the event was a great success.

In addition, with the cooperation of JEPLAN, INC., whose concept is to "recycle everything" as a sustainable initiative, we used BRING Material™, a recycled polyester made from recycled fiber scraps and used clothing from factories, as part of the material for the competition's original T-shirt design with a "sea and wind" motif.

A project to collect used T-shirts was also organized at the venue, and more than 100 T-shirts were collected over the 5 days of the competition!

This time we interviewed Mr. Michihiko Iwamoto Chairman of JEPLAN, INC., who is involved in T-shirt recycling at BRING™, and ANA President and CEO, Shinichi Inoue, about their thoughts on the project and the competition.

(Left) JEPLAN, INC. Chairman, Mr. Iwamoto
(Right) ANA President and CEO, Inoue

Thoughts on the T-Shirt Project

JEPLAN, INC. Chairman, Mr. Iwamoto)
We consulted Mr. Inoue about wanting to contribute to WWC2023 through T-shirt recycling, and he was enthusiastic about the idea and agreed to support the project. This project is one of the few projects in the world where new clothes are made from wasted clothing collected from everyone. Once it has been collected, the 100% polyester clothing is recycled into regenerated polyester by BRING™ technology, and they are transformed into raw materials for new clothing and other products. Since the quality is equivalent to that of petroleum-derived raw materials, it can theoretically be recycled over and over again.
For consumers, one of the things they may want to recycle in their homes is unwanted clothing. By collecting and recycling unwanted clothing, we contribute to environmental conservation. This initiative will not only reduce the use of new petroleum resources, but will also contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. We believe that expanding these recycling activities can also lead to peace.

ANA President and CEO, Inoue)
Mr. Iwamoto offered us the best opportunity and we were willing to cooperate with the T-shirt project. Windsurfing is an eco-friendly sport that relies solely on wind for thrust. Innovations are being made every day, and in this year's competition, you can enjoy the excitement of the sport that can move at speeds of up to 60 km/h*.
*Reference image video:
The ANA Group is promoting ESG management. As one of the specific initiatives, Mr. Iwamoto approached me with this T-shirt project, and I think it was a perfect story from a sustainability perspective to be able to implement it in a competition initiated by an ANA employee. I feel that windsurfing and this project have immense value and potential.

Scene of collecting used T-shirts

Thoughts on the Competition

JEPLAN, INC. Chairman, Mr. Iwamoto)
I hope that through WWC2023, we can promote eco-friendly initiatives and create a starting point for sustainability. We will continue to support the competition!

ANA President and CEO, Inoue)
My thoughts are the same as Mr. Iwamoto's. I hope WWC2023 will be a source of ecology. By promoting eco-awareness to the visitors, we can further spread the awareness of environmental sustainability. I expect that through our consistent efforts in recycling initiatives, it will contribute to peace. That is the goal we aim for in supporting a sustainable tournament.

Scene at the competition venue

For more information about "BRING™" (operated by JEPLAN).