AirJapan Brings 'Fly Thoughtful' to First Route of Tokyo-Bangkok ANA Group’s newest carrier invites local media and influencers to celebrate the highly anticipated inaugural flight in early 2024.

2023 / 09 / 29

AirJapan, introduced in March 2022 as ANA Group’s third carrier, following ANA and Peach Aviation, embraces the brand concept of “Fly Thoughtful.”

The airline will serve medium-haul international flights, aligned with evolving preferences for international travelers keen to explore Japan at a competitive price. AirJapan aspires to redefine air travel by delivering an innovative flying experience rooted in its hallmark “Japanese Quality” services, marked by a blend of friendliness and affordability.

In flight menu options sushi, bento meals and vegan friendly curry.

This new “hybrid” airline is designed to be neither a full-service carrier nor a low-cost carrier (LCC) but positioned between both categories. In-flight offerings provide a diverse array of culinary options, including sushi, bento-style meals and vegan-friendly green curry, all within the comfortable cabin of the Boeing 787-8.

Last month, the airline announced that it will enter service with the inaugural flight from Bangkok to Narita, Tokyo on February 10, 2024. Flights will operate from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Tokyo’s Narita International Airport, six days a week – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

AirJapan CEO Hideki Mineguchi, second from left, and staff members posing with Yasutake Yamashita.

AirJapan recently held a celebratory event with over 100 guests in Bangkok, Thailand. The gathering hosted local media and influencers, with the goal to raise brand awareness in the Thai market. The event kicked off with a captivating shamisen performance by Yasutake Yamashita, a former winner of the national Tsugaru Shamisen competition.

Event guest enjoying the interactive AirJapan flight seat exhibit.

Hideki Mineguchi, CEO of AirJapan, said his airline chose Bangkok as the first gateway because of Japan’s popularity as a travel destination from Thailand prior to the pandemic. With attractive pricing and quality services, his plan is for the route to be primarily used by Thai visitors to increase travel to Japan.

The event concluded with a lively media Q&A discussion with Mineguchi.

With three carriers, ANA Group is well-equipped to provide customized experiences that cater to the specific needs and preferences of each traveler.

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