ANA Celebrates International Women's Day with Empowering Employee SpotlightsMeet five women who support ANA Group's effort to further gender equality and inclusion.

2023 / 03 / 08
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

ANA is celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women on March 8 for International Women's Day.

Women are vital to the continued success of ANA as we strive to bring gender balance to a traditionally male-dominated industry. We respect the diversity of our employees and seek to better society by fostering a workplace where everyone can play an active role while enjoying what they do.
In celebration, we have asked five incredible women from all over the world their thoughts on what ANA Group means to them: Lena Barnes from the US; Ratu Diajeng Putri H from Indonesia; Alicia Lim from Australia; Karola Praechter from Germany; and Hainan Wang from China.

Q: What are you most excited about at work? What is the reason why you love your job?

Lena Barnes/Sales Manager, Global Agency Accounts: Taking on new challenges. I like to constantly learn and broaden my knowledge. I am also very excited about the future of ANA. The mid-term corporate strategy is leading our company forward. With this new strategy I am certain to see even more changes in gender equality and DEI that will pave the road for the younger generations to change our world.

Ratu Diajeng Putri H/Cargo and Passenger: I am most excited about collaborating and working towards something big— a common goal. Every day at work is an opportunity I have to contribute to the growth of the company.

I like contributing to a larger purpose. As individuals, we all have unique talents and things that we are good at. If we feel that our work is meaningful and what we do makes a difference for others, this gives motivation for me to keep doing it even though there may be times when the going gets tough.

Alicia Lim/Passenger Services: I love customer service as I can offer a skillset such as active listening, empathy, instant problem-solving and knowing what my costumers need. When serving customers, I like to have a positive dialogue with them and help foster loyalty to and a good reputation of ANA.

Karola Praechter/Sales and Marketing: I love my job because it gives me many possibilities to experience and to create new developments. I love to work with my teammates, I love to work with many different people all over the world who are willing to take every challenge and make the best effort out of it.

Hainan Wang/Administration: In our office, there are many female employees who have been working at ANA for decades, just like I have been for over 20 years. There are 2 main reasons why I have stayed with the company so many years. First, I love airlines. We deliver hopes and dreams on the planes. I often fly leisurely and feel the joy and excitement from it. Second, I feel ANA Group nurtures its employees; female or male, Japanese or not. It helps me find my own value and place within the company and growth as a professional.

Q: What moment have you found most rewarding? Tell us about an episode you are particularly proud of.

Barnes: More than a particular moment, the most rewarding part of my job in recent years has been collaborating with my coworkers toward mutual growth. This has been especially important in dealing with the struggles brought by COVID-19.

For example, when we all first started working from home, the “MASTA Project” was established. We broke up into small groups and discussed various topics such as learning opportunities and struggles during the pandemic. I had the opportunity to lead one of these groups. It was so rewarding because we helped each other to stay motivated and developed new skills for working remotely. We were able to get to know each other and keep each other focused. The effect of sharing experiences with others was that we obtained hints and insights about how to overcome our own struggles, and that was very powerful.

Diajeng Putri H: It is rewarding when I am able to contribute to the company as one of the Dangerous Goods instructors in cargo for the Jakarta station.

Lim: As part of ANA Care Promise, we are dedicated to work as a team, to ensure our highest priority of safety and to deliver the highest customer service quality to all our passengers. Amidst all the challenges and barriers we have faced, we have never given up. As team Perth, we will show everyone that “we are inspiration of Japan” when we resume operation in October.

Praechter: When I started working with ANA, we only flew 6 flights per week between Tokyo and Frankfurt. ANA was not very well known in Germany. It is amazing to see how much this has changed over the years. Now, the network between Japan and Germany, as well as Europe, is expanding constantly. It is rewarding to be a part of this development.

Wang: What I find most fulfilling is when I can share my experiences and knowledge with my colleagues. As it is my job to conduct ANA’s human resources related activities in China, I have had several opportunities to work with my Chinese colleagues from other offices and departments through online business skill seminars and business process reviews over the past few years. I’ve received a ton of feedback from them and was able to find out how much they are inspired to elevate themselves in proactive and sustainable manners. The opportunities have given a great deal of satisfaction and inspiration to me, too.

Q: How is it like for you to work for ANA from the perspective of gender equality and women's empowerment?

Lim: I believe our team is one of the most diversified teams within the ANA group. As part of a team comprised of 7 different races and culture, our core founder of Team Perth was a female general manager and we have a fair work environment comprised of multiple genders, races and religious backgrounds.

Praechter: Working in our Frankfurt City Office means working with many different people from different nations with many different characteristics. It also means that nationality and/or gender does not matter. In our daily work we are working as one team without prejudice in regards to nation, gender, age etc.

Wang: Currently, we have 58 locally-hired managerial employees here in China, and 53% of them are women. Due to the recent shift to the work-from-home working style, I believe it has gotten much easier for women to manage work and private lives.

Q: Are there any other job roles at ANA you would consider taking on as a challenge?

Barnes: I really like Sales - everything from building strong partnerships to negotiating and finding solutions to increase our revenue with our customers. Having said that, through endeavors such as the MASTA Project and ESE, I have learned the value of working on cross-functional teams towards mutual understanding and growth. As such, I think branding or market communications would be a really interesting area for me to explore. I think I would come away with some new insight on how to conduct sales more effectively, perhaps by seeing how the marketing team pulls new customers into the funnel for us to approach.

Diajeng Putri H: I have been selected to support the passenger service side in addition to my cargo duties, so that allows me to challenge myself to contribute to the company more.

Wang: I have so many ANA jobs I would love to try. For example, I am interested in the cargo business. In recent years, the transportation industry has been growing rapidly in China. Even when people stopped moving during the pandemic, the goods we need to survive never stopped moving. The pandemic showed us how valuable and impactful cargo businesses are for our daily life.