ANA Group Volunteers Work Together to
Deliver Medical Gowns (Part 2)

2020 / 06 / 04

At the ANA Group, we are committed to doing all we can during this pandemic to aid frontline medical workers. The Japanese government requested that we assist in the production of medical gowns, which are currently in short supply. Part one of this story outlined our involvement in the project, and we would like to follow up by offering a look at the work of the volunteer staff.

Working to produce 50,000 gowns, approximately 30 ANA Group employees joined in the volunteer activity each day. The initiative has united ANA Group staff from a variety of backgrounds as they work to help combat COVID-19.

Maintaining the highest possible standards

Ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta... During May, the sounds of sewing machines were the only noises coming from the room as ANA volunteers maintained their focus and worked in complete silence to produce isolation gowns.

The ANA Group is responsible for sewing ties, cutting sleeves, inspecting products, and shipping them to their final destination while specialized sewing is handled by our partner, Valley LLC. Volunteers wear gowns, caps and gloves when working to maintain the highest possible hygiene standards and ensure that not even a single stray hair is permitted to contaminate the medical gown during its assembly. In addition to practicing strict social distancing, the teams are also subject to regular temperature checks and decontamination to prevent potential COVID-19 outbreaks during work.

Full body view
A volunteer wearing a cap and gloves

A wide range of volunteers from different departments, all working towards the same goal

Staff members from a range of backgrounds, from pilots to mechanics and cabin attendants to office staff were divided into teams and worked together every few days.

While working, it is easy to overhear expressions like: “Isn't it more efficient if we do it this way?” and “Is there anything else we can do?”

Though the volunteers just met each other, they recognize that they are working towards the same goal and so talk to each informally. Their passion is seen in the fact that work efficiency is steadily increasing.

Volunteers speak to each other clearly to boost efficiency
ANA Group volunteers also helped produce medical face guards.

Working alongside medical professionals to help end the pandemic

An excellent example of ANA’s commitment to service is seen in the volunteer whose regular work at Haneda Airport’s Inflight services Center stopped due to the COVID-19 outbreak but he still looked for ways to give back. Describing the gowns he helped create, he said, "Since these are for medical use, I double checked for any contamination. With medical workers doing so much to protect us, I wanted to deliver gowns that were made to the highest standards."

Another volunteer knows a medical worker personally, so her work took on a deeper context. “I wanted to do whatever I could, so I applied when I first heard the news and learned about the project. To ensure that we deliver sterilized gowns to medical workers, we stay focused on every single aspect of our work. We hope that our efforts help counter COVID-19,“ she said.

Mr. Zhang, who usually works at Haneda Airport

The ANA Group hopes to bring our guiding philosophy of "Anshin, Attaka, Akaruku-genki!” (Reliable, Warm, Enthusiastic) to the front lines of medical sites. In keeping with its commitments and history of community involvement, the ANA Group will continue to support medical workers.

A video showing our appreciation for the medical workers and offering support to everyone working throughout Japan.