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      ANA Forest of the Heart Project 2019 Creating Abundant Forests

      Since July 2012, the ANA Group has been undertaking the ANA Forest of the Heart Project to support our goals for environmental preservation and reconstruction in Minamisanriku, Miyagi Prefecture.

      About 70 ANA Group employee volunteers gathered from across Japan this year again in early May! We experienced making goods from trees harvested from forest regeneration and thinning.

      By thinning trees and doing other maintenance, sunlight can shine into the forest and rich soil can be generated, which leads to protecting forest creatures and ecosystems.

      Inside the forest with pleasant breezes, we did maintenance of trails in collaboration with Boeing again this year. In addition, speakers told us about the situation during the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 as well as lessons learned from the disaster and renewed our determination not to let these memories from the earthquake fade.

      As we felt the emotions of the local people, we planted Sasanqua trees to commemorate the occasion with our wishes for revitalization.

      Then, while being enveloped in the aroma of cypress, we experienced making our own original handmade chopsticks! A participant commented, “I was moved by seeing how the forest trees are reborn in this way.”

      The ANA Group will continue to drive our efforts in environmental protection and support for restoration, and will continue our contribution toward achieving our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).