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      8,000 Ground Staff, One Winner 11th Annual Airport Customer Service Skills Contest Finals

      On November 28th, we held our 11th annual Airport Customer Service Skills Contest to determine the best of the best out of 8,000 ANA Group ground staff. Ground staff from 94 airports worldwide competed to ultimately improve services at ANA operating airports around the world.

      A total of 109 participants went through preliminaries and 14 made it through to this final competition to demonstrate ANA omotenashi or Japanese hospitality.

      This year’s theme was, “ANAzing Airport Service -Amazing experience for customers around the world-. (ANAzing: combined ANA and Amazing)

      At the contest, a mock-up departure lobby was set up. Each contestant was assessed during their 8 minutes of demonstrating their customer service skills. Each scenario was different and they were judged on how they serviced customers based on their needs, as well as how they handle cases where they were unable to provide the service that was requested or irregular situations.

      There was a lot of energy coming from the audience, as the venue was filled with support groups from airports worldwide who attended to support their colleagues in matching gear!

      After approximately four and a half hours, a winner was chosen! The grand prize went to Wenwan Qi from Beijing Airport.

      2nd place went to Anne Riecke from Dusseldorf Airport and Erina Enokida from Haneda Airport. The Special Prize went to Yuki Nakajima from Haneda Airport.

      At the awards ceremony, the guest judges from Singapore Airlines and Starbucks Coffee Japan made congratulatory comments.

      This annual contest’s objective is for the ANA Group ground staff to improve their daily customer service skills by competing as well as learning from their fellow competitors. With 2020 as a stepping stone, ANA Group will continue to strive to exceed customer expectations with Anshin, Attaka, Akaruku-genki!(*) as our motto!

      * Anshin, Attaka, Akaruku-genki! is the ANA Group corporate message. It represents ANA Group’s unwavering spirit, which is appreciated by society and our customers, and drives our continued growth.