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      Making the Airport Accessible for Everyone Starting at Haneda Airport

      In our effort to improve accessibility at airports, we unveiled our redesign of our ANA departure counter for domestic flights at Haneda Airport on April 21st.

      The first improvement was to color code different areas to make them easier to find, like the automated check-in and baggage drop-off machines. We also made our check-in counter more user-friendly for our foreign customers, and included many pictograms in signage and displays, which are shown in four languages.

      For customers traveling with children, have physical disabilities, or have any type of special needs, we created a new Special Assistance Counter. It is centrally located in the counter area to allow easy access to connecting transportation, such as trains and buses.

      Also, the first wheelchair in Japan made out of resin called “morph,” is now available. Unlike regular wheelchairs, this wheelchair has no metal parts, which makes it much easier to pass through security. The passenger can also board the airplane while seated in this wheelchair, which can carry them right to their seat.
      Currently, 64 of these new wheelchairs are available at Haneda Airport. In the future, they will be made available at other major domestic airports, and our plan is to have them available in all domestic airports by 2020.

      We also started a remote sign language service for our customers with hearing and speech disabilities. Using a tablet, a video conference is set up with a sign language interpreter, who can simultaneously interpret between the staff and customer for smoother communications. This service is currently available at the Special Assistance Counter at Haneda Airport for domestic flights, and we plan to expand it to other major airports domestic flights.

      At ANA, we will continue our commitment to make airports more accessible for all our customers.

      (photo by A☆50)