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      Positive, Active and Energetic! ANA Group Exercises is ready for ANA Group employees now!

      The ANA Group believes that the cheerfulness of our employees who work actively with the spirit of “Anshin, Attaka, Akaruku Genki! (Peace of mind, Heartwarming, Positive and Energetic!)” helps them deliver the highest level of service to our customers.

      We created the ANA Group Exercises under the supervision of Renaissance Co., Ltd. so that each employee can work with good health and cheerfulness, both mentally and physically!

      These comprehensive exercises were created with special expertise, from stretching the entire body to building strength. By practicing it every day, you can achieve better muscle flexibility and a more balanced body.

      Exercises are done to the music “FLY,” with upbeat lyrics and melody that evokes a wonderful trip, and some of the poses resemble the cabin crew's movements, which make doing the exercises a lot of fun.

      The ANA Group Exercises, a source of energy that will naturally make smile!

      【ANA Group Exercises Employee Version】
      (Japanese only)

      【ANA Group Exercises】