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      Using Mindfulness to Recharge Inflight

      At Zen 2.0, a global mindfulness forum held September 2nd-3rd at Kencho-ji Temple in Kamakura, ANA had a booth that offered a meditation experience.

      What is “mindfulness”?

      It means being able to focus on something, and at the same time, being self-aware within that time and space. It is similar to when athletes are “in the zone.” (*1)

      Meditation is one way of training oneself to achieve mindfulness, and Zen is a method of meditation.

      The ANA booth was equipped with economy class seats and a meditation-communication robot, CRE-P.(*2)

      The ANA Group’s “Recharge while Flying” Project represents our desire -- where instead of passengers feeling tired after a flight, they can feel even more energized than they felt before the flight. The mindfulness experience is a part of this project.

      The ANA Group will continue to launch a variety of initiatives to help passengers to enjoy, energize, and be in their best possible conditions at their destinations.

      *1 A unique state in which the athlete is extremely focused and so immersed in the sport that he forgets other thoughts and emotions.

      *2 CRE-P was created by CREATIVE FLOW_ER, a creativity enhancement project proposed by One JAPAN, a platform for voluntary groups of young talent from large Japanese companies. The user wears a headband that measures brainwaves and meditates by breathing in accordance with CRE-P’s instructions.