We can help you with
your branding

and PR of products and services.

ANA serves approximately
52.3 million passengers every year
on its domestic and international routes.
The ANA brand offers unique media
opportunities and solutions

that transcend the limits of
traditional advertising media.
Ten years in a row, SKYTRAX
“5 Stars” and the rarity of “aviation media”,
We can help you with your branding
and PR of products and services.

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*Please understand that payment must be made in Japanese yen
by the application deadline for each advertising medium.



Gain access to over 52.33 million passengers on domestic and international routes, with almost 4.36 million passengers each month. The ANA Mileage Club boasts a membership of around 40 million. *Does not include 2019 codeshare flight averages.

An Elite Business

72% of our passengers are businesspersons aged 30-50. Approx. 40% have an annual household income of 10 million yen or more. ANA also caters to families, students, and a diverse range of passengers.

Specific Audiences

ANA helps you reach affluent business and leisure travelers by optimizing ads for route, season, and seating preferences.

Broad, Continuous
Contact Points

From home to office, lounge to gate, and departure to destination, we offer contact points at every stage in a passenger’s journey to ensure maximum engagement with your brand.

In-flight Media Features

Engage your audience in a way no other media can during the extraordinary experience of flight. No other media can achieve such a unique level of engagement in an environment where passengers spend long periods of time over long distances.

A Worldwide Network

Take your advertising worldwide with ANA’s global network across 53 cities, 74 routes.※ANAFACTBOOK2021

Rich Media Selection

Share your message on your terms. Choose from over 6 types of media that include paper, audiovisual, digital, and promotional materials. We can tailor our media to meet your desired target audience, touch point, geographical area, travel season, and budget.

Digital Platforms

ANA is constantly revamping its digital content, offering in-flight WiFi and an official ANA app with over 3.5 million downloads.

Inbound Advertising

Deliver your message to people around the world with ANA. Approximately half of passengers on ANA flights are non-Japanese, with this figure exceeding 60% on some routes in Asia.


ANA has a wealth of advertising media
and offers a variety of
advertising approaches to its users.

ANA's media meets the needs of advertisers.

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